Why You Should Breakup With Expired Makeup

We all go on makeup benders here and there. It’s a girl thing. But unfortunately, if you don’t use it up, it’s just a waste. Not just of money but of good products. Let’s be honest here. How many palettes of eye shadow do you own? Now, how often do you use them all? You’re probably using stuff that’s already long expired, aren’t you? Go ahead and dig through your makeup collection and look. We’ll wait right here.

Why You Should Breakup With Expired Makeup

Did you find expired makeup? The open jar symbol indicates how many months you should use a product, so toss it in the trash because it’s doing you no favors. In fact, it can be very dangerous for your skin! Spent a fortune on that foundation? The SPF in it depletes the longer you go past the expiration date, which means it’s not really saving your skin from those harmful UVA and UVB rays. You know what that means, right? You’re more vulnerable to wrinkles! Eek!

And that’s not all! Every ingredient used in your makeup changes over time. The molecules evolve which may result in a reaction on your skin. We’re talking inflamed with bumps, blisters, rashes, and redness. And even worse, bacteria can develop in expired makeup. That bacteria can get into your skin and hello acne.

It’s even more dangerous for eye makeup. You might love the color pink, but pink eye? Not so much. Even expired lipstick poses major dangers that will leave your lips looking anything but kissable.

So what should you do? Follow the cardinal rules of makeup expiration dates.

  • Mascara should always be replaced every 3 months
  • Eyeliners and eyeshadows can go anywhere from 6 to 12 months
  • Lipsticks have a longer shelf life at about a year and a half
  • Foundations and powders tend to last for a year

Always remember to check the packaging for the exact expiration date.

While it’s no fun to part ways with pretty palettes, it’s the only way to keep your skin safe from devastating damage. When you shop for makeup, avoid getting carried away or you’ll essentially be throwing your money away.

Sad that you’ve chucked out some of your favorites? On the bright side, you get to go shopping for replacements. Just make sure you remember not to buy more than you need!

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