A Glance At Germany From The Eyes of a 22 Year Old Who Just Moved Here


Being a 22 year old woman living in Germany, the past year and a half has been an adventure. How did I get to Germany in the first place? I decided to get married to a soldier, who is stationed over here. Fast forward 18 months and we’re still together, and living in the Bavaria region. The best part about Germany is how friendly it is towards women, especially single ones! I was shocked when I began adjusting to my new home, and how safe I felt here compared to the United States. With my own opinions, I have tips, places, and things to do as a woman traveling solo — because we do it all the time here!

A Glance At Germany From The Eyes of a 22 Year Old Who Just Moved Here


So, we have Halloween, right? Imagine Halloween in mid-February, with all the adults in costumes and catching candy from parade floats. This is Carnival, which is an event that ushers Lent. Considering Germany is a Catholic nation, having Carnival is standard; however, one does not expect for others to be dressed up! I am attending my first parade this year, and I am excited (with belly dancing costume in tow).

Michaela enjoying a night in Germany


Germany is the country filled with castles… despite what Italy and other countries might make you believe, Germany is the best country with castles. After visiting over 12 countries so far, I have been the most impressed with my new motherland. Not only will you see castles from different time periods, but you can even witness the famous Disney Castle — it is only a 16 Euro entry fee (about $18), and is absolutely stunning. Just remember you cannot take ANY pictures while inside most castles, so just enjoy the view!

Other wonderful attractions include churches and concentration camps. Some of these facilities are free, while others have an entry fee. 

Neuschwanstein Castle Germany Women Solo
Neuschwanstein Castle (Disney Castle) in Bavaria, Germany

Nature Exploring

Germany happens to also be the most “green” country in the world. Recycling is the law and the country is well known for preserving land; you will also see very little trash in your travels. Thanks to this, many of the locals bike and hike around their local areas. One of the greatest aspects of Germany is how much freedom I have to run/walk/bike on a trail without the fear of being attacked or assaulted. General precautions and common sense are always good, but feel free to get lost in the Black Forest or Bavarian Forest, and I promise you, you’ll come out a new woman.

Germany meal
You can even grab a quick snack at the nearest Edeka (grocery store chain)


Probably Germany’s most well-known activity. Munich’s festival is infamous for beer, rowdiness, and attractive women in dirndls. I have been to this festival and again, I felt safe! Remember the code – in Germany, a knot to the left side is single, and to the right side is married (in correspondence to how the natives wear their rings). In my opinion, the smaller fests (known as volkfests and dults) are much better, but going to Ocktoberfest is worth it.

Aerial view of Oktoberfest from St. Paul Cathedral during sunset
Aerial view of Oktoberfest from St. Paul Cathedral during sunset

Music Festivals

Believe it or not, Europe is king for holding music festivals and excellent at its craft. I have been to both raves and festivals, and have been impressed by the acts and the atmosphere. People in Europe are calmer and more laid back about these two events. The culture is more free spirited, so expect things you’d never see in the states, but appreciate the moment.

Germany is amazing and you’re bound to love it solo! Viel Spaß!

travel to Germany solo women
Michaela celebrating Oktoberfest

Did you move across the Atlantic? Explore a new city solo? Let us know here!

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