11 Things No One Tells You About Dyeing Your Hair


Dyeing your hair is fun and exciting. It’s a way of expressing yourself. However, there are a handful of things people don’t tell you about dyeing your hair — or at least a few things I wish I had known — that is good food for thought.

11 Things No One Tells You About Dyeing Your Hair

When I began dyeing my hair I genuinely was astonished by some of the changes I noticed; I finally understood why there were a plethora of products for things like color protection, color-treating, moisturizing, nourishing and replenishing. As much as I love dyeing my hair, it does require a lot of maintenance and can also definitely do a number on your hair’s overall health.

1. It will change the texture 

My hair does have more texture and volume since I dyed it; so, it makes my medium-fine hair look fuller; however, that fullness comes at the cost of losing moisture that takes work to restore and maintain. Moreover, the more you dye your hair, the more damaged your hair can become without the proper care and maintenance.

2. It’s expensive

If you’re bleaching your hair for the first time, I highly suggest you visit a hair salon. It is pricey, but totally worth it. When I got my hair bleached for the first time, I spent around $300 over the course of three visits. How many visits is, of course, dependent upon the color of your natural color. My hair naturally, is exceedingly dark. For someone who has lighter hair, it may be cheaper due to needing fewer appointments.

3. It’s time-consuming

As I have stated, bleaching and dyeing your hair for the first time is not a one-and-done process. Don’t be surprised if it takes a few visits and several hours per visit.

4. You can’t wash your hair every day

Washing your hair after you get it dyed is detrimental to the longevity of your color. This, was an unfortunate surprise for me. The less you wash your hair, the longer your color will last.

5. Sadly, It Will Fade

This is something I heard countless times before dyeing my hair, but I just didn’t grasp how bothersome it really was until I actually experienced it myself. You start off with a hair color that you utterly love, only to notice that in a few weeks — sometimes a few days — it starts to fade. Many stylists suggest you don’t wash your hair at least a full day after coloring to help prolong the color.

6. You’ll Need To Invest In Special Shampoos

Investing in color-preserving conditioners and shampoos is a substantial contributing factor in preserving your color. Products designed for color-treated hair are specifically designed to keep the hair shafts closed, which keeps color in thus maintaining the longevity of your color.

7. Test your dyes

Always, and I mean always, test your hair dye on a small section of skin before you cover your entire head in it. Trust me, having an allergic reaction to your hair dye is not fun.

8. Don’t Wash Your Hair Beforehand

When I dyed my hair stylist told me not to wash my hair beforehand. She explained that the oils help prevent damage, provide a buffer for the scalp, and assist in evenly distributing the color throughout the hair. So, resist the urge to wash your hair right before your appointment.

9. Always deep condition

So, many companies make money off of products meant to repair color damaged hair. However, no one told me about preventative care before I dyed my hair. Before you go bleach, dye, or strip color, whether natural or other, I cannot stress the importance of deep conditioning and hair masks. These moisturizing products can help prepare your hair for the ordeal it will go through.

10. The Sun Will Affect Your Color

Your hair is literally dead skin cells and as such, it still needs protection against the Sun’s harmful UV rays. Dyed hair especially needs sun protection if you want to preserve the color and prevent brassy tones. Scarves, hats, and UV sprays are all helpful options. Cold Winter weather also strips moisture from the hair, so hats and moisturizing products will be your biggest allies.

11. Bring A Picture

Just like when you get a dramatic new haircut, bring a picture of what you want to help prevent any miscommunication between you and your hairstylist. If you’re spending this much money on something, you want to make sure you like the end product.

The biggest take away is that life is short so feel free to express yourself through your hair color; just do it wisely. Know that dyeing your hair means that you will have to do more maintenance, but that is ok. Don’t be afraid, embrace it.

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