Ask For A Raise! But First…


Asking for a raise can be one of the most beneficial steps you take in your career. If you have never negotiated your salary before, it can also be the most frightening. Worry not! Instead of rushing into asking for a pay-raise, you can prepare your negotiation until the proper time arises.

Ask For A Raise! But First...

Ready to take that next step? Here’s what you need to know before you ask for a raise, and how to do it effortlessly:

Be an excellent worker beforehand

Yes, this totally goes without saying, but instead of thinking about what your employer could be doing for you, consider what you could be doing for your employer. You could be the manager of over 100 other employees, but if your work only constitutes what’s in the job description, you might have a difficult time properly negotiating a raise.

The key is to go above and beyond. Why? Not only will it test your limits and build your strength, you’ll also be exposed to the many responsibilities you’ll have as you move up in the company. This will also clearly define your capabilities, and prove how much of an asset you are to the company.

Give yourself at least two months to totally perfect your newfound work ethic. If you feel you have already been working at your most optimal capabilities, totally flooring your peers at the same level as you, and WOWing your employers, then definitely ask sooner!… But not without considering…

Make sure your company can afford you

Are you working for a small mom and pop store? Or perhaps you’ve heard around the office that your company’s stock has taken a recent hit. Pay attention and research your company’s finances. You may be the most excellent employee that they thank heaven for every night, but if you’re asking for a raise that they just can’t afford, you’re probably going to receive a negative answer.

Research the company you work for, or ask your superior about the financial state of your business. Depending on the size of your business, you may be able to find this information online. Of course, if you work for a small business or a start-up, you may not feel so comfortable asking about the financial state of your company. If you work for a small business, take note of the amount of sales coming in. Also, pay attention to what your employer is saying indirectly. When finances are struggling, your employer may or may not want to share their status, but their attitude can certainly drop hints. Be alert.

Prepare before you ask

Ensure that you have great reasons to ask for your raise… and have them written down.

Whether you’re comfortable using PowerPoint, or utilizing images that you can swipe through on your iPad, ensure that you have a great presentation on why you deserve a raise.

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If your only reason to ask for a raise is because you’d like to have more money in your bank account, you’d probably have a difficult time conveying the need for a raise to your boss. While a raise can represent a happier lifestyle for you and those around you, it all comes down to numbers for your employer.

Have excellent reasons for your boss including:

  • How well you perform throughout the workweek
  • Proof that you’ve benefited the company (try to use actual numbers and percentages here)
  • Note that you’re working “behind the scenes” to improve your work quality

Perhaps you’re learning a new computer program or you’ve begun studying another language so you can better speak to your vendors from across seas, explain your growth to your employers in a way that benefits them. Practice asking beforehand, so you will not only impress your employer with such preparation, but you’ll also feel much more confident! Which brings us to…


YES! Be CONFIDENT! There’s obviously a reason you feel you deserve a raise. Be confident in asking by preparing beforehand and considering all factors (like the ones we covered earlier).

Take an extra long shower, wear your favorite perfume, wear your favorite work-appropriate outfit (or buy a new one—because why not?), and keep your head held high. Practice makes perfect, so again, PREPARE! Also, in the essence of keeping up with your natural grace and poise, consider…

What happens when they say no

You are the best worker around, their most essential employee, and yet they told you no. It can be a blow to your ego and overall self-esteem. You could have prepared the most excellent presentation, felt you were at the top of your game, and your boss could have even 100% agreed with you on everything you stated… so why the no?

Whether your company is in the position to give you a raise or not, you must maintain your elegance. If you truly feel that there is discrimination going on and that the issue is further than simply not being able to afford a raise, take the problem up to the head of the company.

However, if you recognize that there was a reasonable possibility that you would not land a raise, whatever the case was, have a response prepared for such an answer. Don’t look at it as though it were a reflection of your quality of work.

Thank your boss for their time, and ask if there is anything more you can do to improve your work. By showing that you don’t get knocked down easily and that you’re ready to turn any result into an opportunity, you’re furthering the reflection of your essential qualities to the company.

If a raise is entirely necessary, ask your boss when the best time to ask again would be. If you didn’t get your timing correct (which could have been completely out of your power), at least you’ll have the information to better prepare you for asking for a raise again.

Quick Tips

1. I always recommend that my friends check out this resource for finding their worth related to their jobs. It takes into consideration your location and job position. I’ve been found to make much more than those in the surrounding area, for the exact same job. Find out if you need to be asking for a raise, or if your salary negotiation may not be within your league. You never know, so totally find out!

2. Be incredibly grateful when asking. If you love your job, but come off as ungrateful for all that they’ve done, they’ll find it much easier to say no. They’ll appreciate your gratitude and see it as a direct reflection of your character.

3. If you know your annual check-up report is coming around, utilize the time in-between to prepare for asking for a raise. During your evaluation is an excellent time to bring up a salary negotiation.

Happy negotiating, GlowGetters! It’s time to get what you’ve been working hard for!


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