4 Magical Makeup Tips For An Ageless Glow

Oh, makeup! Where would we be without you? In your twenties, smooth and even skin is still your BFF, but finding a staple look does take some practice. If you’re struggling to pull together an everyday beat, there are a few things you can do for a stellar glow.

Magical Makeup Tips For An Ageless Glow

Here are 4 Magical Makeup Tips For An Ageless Glow:

1. Go sheer

One of the biggest makeup mistakes is piling on layers of foundation. It’s highly unnecessary, especially since most of us continue to contour and set on top of the cakeyness. You want that effervescence of your youth shining through, and slabbing foundation on can take you from a Kendall to a Betty White. Apply a thin layer, allow to dry, and add another thin layer on top. Got blemishes? Use a concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone to dab away.

2. Become an expert at color-correcting dark circles

Long nights of partying sometimes show up on your face. Look like you’ve already had your morning coffee by mastering the art of color-correcting. Deep orange (darker skin tones) or peach (lighter skin tones) concealers are best for hiding dark spots. You’ll need to play around with different shades and techniques to find what works best for you, but try creating a small line along your nose and blending it outward.

3. Light it up

Highlighter can add to your glow or broadcast your pores, so be careful where you put it. Avoid areas with any blemishes or marks you may want to hide — a glittering nose with a giant pimple may not be the look you’re going for. If you’re stumped on finding the right highlighter, bright whites and silvers are best for paler skin tones, while deep bronzes and golds pop on darker skin.

Highlight tips for an ageless glow

4. Eye got this

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, mastering your favorite look is critical. First and foremost, always use a primer to make sure your shadow really pops! Second, use liquid eye liner to achieve a defined wing, and pencil eyeliner for the perfect smokey eye look. Lastly, define those brows by outlining them with a bit of concealer.

With these simple tips you can easily achieve an ageless glow. Once you master these basics, you can tweak them to achieve your desired look for special occasions.

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