How To Upgrade Your LinkedIn & Put Your Career In Autopilot

When used correctly, LinkedIn can be a gold mine for catapulting you to success. Thought of as the “professional Facebook,” LinkedIn is the premium source for expanding your network. Members can easily connect with some of their favorite companies, and land references from people they’ve never even met.

Upgrade Your LinkedIn

Simply having an account is not enough, but applying these tips can put you on the radar of the top companies around the world. Whether you’re looking for a job or clients, stepping your LinkedIn game up can transform your coins. 

CLIQUE TIP: If you are on a very serious job hunt we highly recommend you splurge on a premium account. Premium allows you to direct message nearly everyone on the platform, which is the perfect way to get your foot in the door.


1. Profile Upgrade

Your profile probably looks amazing as it is, but there are key elements you don’t want to overlook. Ask yourself these questions:

Is your profile picture professional? — A cropped selfie doesn’t look good. If you can’t take a professional headshot, get cute and take one with your phone using the timer.

What types of articles do you post? — Do you post any? We’ll get to that below!

Is your summary… just a summary? — This is your time to brag, get creative with spacing and structure. Use it to make a sales letter if you’re looking for clients.

What are your skills and how are they ordered? — You can only show ten skills at once, so put your most valuable skills at the top. Research the most common skills for jobs you’re interested in and be sure to include those in your list.

Who am I following? — “Follow” the best of the best. What companies do you identify most with? Follow them. Where do you dream of working? Follow them too.

What are my accomplishments? — Fill this up with the most impressive things you’ve done. Projects you’ve led, events you planned, processes you’ve implemented, etc. Incorporate power adjective similar to those on your resume. 

Look alive! If something new and exciting happens to you that affects your professional life, POST IT! Don’t let your profile become a sitting duck. Regular updates will show you’re serious about your career and drive traffic to your profile.

2. Write Articles

By writing articles, you can generate leads in your sleep. This is similar to owning a blog, because you are writing for a target audience. What makes writing articles so amazing is the fact that you can literally sell on LinkedIn. If you’re starting a biz and someone comes across your LinkedIn page, they’ll easily get a sense of what you have to offer. Organically post articles directly in LinkedIn to increase visibility, but don’t forget to link back to your website throughout the article.

Job hunting? Use this opportunity to showcase your portfolio, show off your writing skills, or brag about your knowledge. Employers will not only see how immaculate the entirety of your profile looks, but also see your qualities in action.

3. Connect, Connect, Connect!

You don’t have to limit yourself to only connecting with those you knew back in Philosophy 101. Connect with potential prospects as well as employers you want to be associated with! When you connect with people in your field, it adds to your credibility. You can, of course, connect to your friends and family as well, but be sure to add the big wigs too. If you’re interested in PR, connect with other publicists. Be bold here, shyness and fear will only hold you back.

4. Keyword Crazy

First, think about what you want to be known as. Are you a gourmet chef? Holistic veterinarian? Digital marketer? Limit your title to 1-2 words. This is essential.

This is probably the most important step you can take. You need to maximize your use of keywords. This means, if you’re a digital marketer, ensure that your summary contains “digital marketer” more than once, your previous work contains “digital marketer,” and your skills, accomplishments, and articles contain “digital marketer.” This way, when people are searching for digital marketers, you will be more likely to pop up. Avoid being spammy a.k.a. “I’m a digital marketer who has worked in digital marketing for other digital marketers.”

Please don’t flake on this! Go back on your profile and see where you can include your keywords. LinkedIn’s search algorithm works like Google’s, so keywords are an absolute must.

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5. Join Groups

Creating a successful LinkedIn group is an art of its own, so you may want to focus on joining groups for now. By joining a group, you’re associating yourself with an entire group of people with similar goals. Most groups require that you attain permission to join, which is the perfect way to ensure you’re connecting with people serious about their career. You may find that some groups are full of spam or are hardly moderated, but don’t be discouraged. Continue seeking out groups that promote critical thought and well-informed insight on breaking into an industry.

For the biz owners, this is your chance to give value for free! Show your expertise to potential clients by sharing valuable tips within groups you’ve joined. Most groups allow for very minimal advertising, but when they do, you can go right ahead and talk about your product, business, or yourself.

6. Get Endorsements

LinkedIn allows for people to leave “reviews” about others. If you’ve worked with someone, ask them to talk about their experience with you through LinkedIn. This is an excellent way to prove to other people on LinkedIn that you’re the real deal. This will solidify your qualifications and show future employers and potential clients that you are what you say you are, you know what you’re doing, and people have the pleasure of writing about their experience with you. These may not come quickly, but if you can attain them, get them.

So… How exactly does this put you on autopilot?

Easy. Once your whole page is keyword friendly and oozing with professional awesomeness, you’ll begin popping up in searches. Because your profile is optimized to prove that you’re qualified for the job, you’ll easily acquire the attention of potential employers and/or clients. Put in the work now and cash out later.

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