The Dirtiest Items in Your Hotel Room and What to Do About It

Did you know housekeeping spends on average 20 minutes cleaning each room? Take a moment to think about how much you would get done in your own room AND bathroom in that amount of time.

The Dirtiest Items in Your Hotel Room and What to Do About It

Numerous studies have proven hotels have fecal bacteria and bodily fluids all over the room. I know… GROSS! Cleanliness drops to the waist side because unlike restaurants and hospitals, hotels are not subject to any official cleaning regulations. Therefore, all hotels are not created equal — but there are common practices among popular chains.

Unfortunately, other than through Trip Advisor reviews, there’s no way to distinguish between the good, bad, and the oh hell no. So before you decide to permanently switch to Airbnb, here’s an easy guide for avoiding those nasty hotel germs.


  • Glasses
  • Mugs

These come in every hotel room and get very inefficient cleaning. Since they actually touch your mouth, our solution is just don’t. Get some bottled water or disposable cups from a nearby store.


  • Remote
  • Light Switches
  • Phone
  • Faucets

These items pass from hand to hand and are constantly overlooked. Grab some Wet Ones and wipe away.


  • Towels
  • Pillowcases

Yes they do laundry, but your skin is nothing to play with. Plus, do you really want to dry your face with a towel that has touched nearly 100 naked bodies?

The good news is death by hotel germs is highly unlikely. Personally, I stay in at least twenty hotels a year (business trips) and survive them all. But better safe, than touching a strangers fecal bacteria. Yuck!


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