How to Actually Achieve Your Goals in 4 Steps

It’s that time of year again! Let’s not talk about the traditional “resolutions” as we all know how they end up one month into the process…but we can talk about ways to actually achieve your goals. Achieving your goals should be a fun process that will make you proud, but does require a little work from you day in and day out.

Take a piece of paper and a pen, and let’s start planning the best year ever. Ready?

How to Actually Achieve Your Goals

STEP 1:  The Dream

Fast forward to the end of the year. 

Close your eyes and imagine you are at a New Year’s Eve party with all the people you love. What would you love to say about the year that is about to end? How do you feel? What was the aspect of your life that most evolved? What has been your biggest achievement? How did you help people? What impact did you have? What made you most happy? Let your imagination run wild. Dream big.

STEP 2:  The Goal

Now you should have enough elements to help you imagine a goal that makes sense for you. Is it to launch your own business? Is it to be at peace with yourself and the people around you? To write a book? Is it to feel free and independent?

Whatever your goal may be, make sure you’re thinking SMART. Every goal, huge or very small, should be:

Specific – What do you want to achieve? With who? Where? Why?

Measurable – Here come the numbers. “I want financial freedom” is not measurable. “I want to build the foundation for a project that will make me earn $10,000 every month by the end of this year” is measurable.

Attainable – Is that goal attainable given your context as of right now? Think about the time investment, the financial investment, your talent, and education in the field…

If your circumstances do not allow you to go for it right now, think of solutions to still make it happen (sponsors, crowdfunding, outsourcing tasks etc…) If it really isn’t manageable, be creative, redefine your goal so it matches your reality.

Relevant – Why do you want to achieve this goal? Is it about something that keeps you up at night?

Write down all the reasons you are willing to put in the work. It’s not going to be easy, even if t’s worth it at the end of the journey, so you might as well have good reasons to hop on that train.

Timely – Deadlines! You will learn to love to hate deadlines. They are what will ensure you actually get the work done. It takes effort to actually achieve your goals and nothing puts the pressure on like a solid deadline.

Actually achieve your goals

STEP 3:  The Plan

Take a calendar or just write down the months you have ahead. Hold on, this is about to get real.

You now have your smart goal written down. By what day and month do you want to achieve it? We’ll start from there. That is your final deadline.

In order to get to that destination in time, what do you need to do each month? What do you need to do each week to get to the month’s goal? And finally, what are the tasks that you need to accomplish every day to smash those weekly goals?

Now I challenge you to create monthly SMART goals for the goals you have in mind, then break them down into weekly SMART goals, and then the daily tasks to get you there. Formulate your monthly and weekly goals, and then make it a habit to come up with the daily tasks for the week let’s say…every Sunday evening.

And there you go! You should have a beautiful calendar, a clear pathway that leads straight to your dream. All you have to do now is follow the plan. You no longer have the excuse of “not being inspired,” or “running out of ideas,” or “losing track of what is to be done”. #TeamNoExcuses

If you have trouble with consistency, ask yourself what is holding you back. Is it money? Is it fear? Maybe you’re just not motivated? Either way, take a step back and address that issue first. You cannot make serious changes in your life without changing things in your life. This could mean changing your friends, waking up earlier, breaking bad habits, or even skipping a few Netflix binge sessions.

I know it doesn’t sound fun, and the thought  of being behind on your favorite TV show gives you major anxiety. However, this is where you decide if you would rather actually achieve your goals or know what happened on Game of Thrones.

You could stray off the path because it’s “easier” and so much more comfortable to not set challenges! Unfortunately, this attitude leads to nowhere and we don’t have time to just “exist” through the year. Make it count.

STEP 4: Put in the Work and Actually Achieve Your Goals

Extra Tools: To be even more efficient at actually achieving your goals, create a vision board that will inspire you to get going and make a beautifully designed calendar and pin it on the wall…get creative! It is your story that you’re writing.

That’s all gorgeous! You deserve the best, and you simply have to go and get it. I wish you the best year ever!

And don’t forget: “Your goals aren’t really your goals. They are just you talking crap… until you make a plan, write it down and work every single day to make them happen.”

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