6 Pore Clogging Ingredients My Esthetician Warned Me About


With pretty packaging, celebrity endorsements, and information overload, it’s getting harder and harder to know what products to trust. Luckily, my wonderful esthetician warned me about 6 pore clogging ingredients.


It’s important to know that if you have normal to dry skin, these ingredients will effect you less (if at all) and that’s because they are a classified as comedogenic.

A comedogenic is an ingredient known to cause acne, and there are many different classifications and sensitivity levels for each comedogenic. Here are the 6 highly pore clogging ingredients I was warned about.

1. Butyl Stearate

Most often found in makeup, this pore clogging ingredient is used to give your skin a “smooth finish.” Butyl stearate leaves a thin and slightly oily residue, making your pores less than happy.

2. Kelp

Although praised by many, kelp can do much more harm than good (if you over do it). Keep in mind that kelp is very high in iodine, which can cause pesky breakouts. If you go the kelp root, make sure the rest of your diet is very low in sodium. (P.S. this goes for all other algaes and seaweeds).


3. Lauric Acid 

As a major ingredient in coconut oil, this one was a shocker to me. Unfortunately, lauric acid is a pore clogging ingredient that may make it difficult for your skin to breathe. Oils create more of a “barrier” rather than the moisturizing effect we’re all going for.

4. PEG’s

PEG is an acronym for polyethylene glycols, and it’s a petroleum based agent found in “moisturizers” that your skin is bound to hate. More particularly, PEG 16 Lanolin is the worst offenders. Petroleum based products sit on your skin and provide no real moisture, so watch out!

5. Solulan 16

A code name for PEG 16, they’re not fooling anybody

6. Isostearyl Isostearate

This pore clogging ingredient derives from alcohol and is used as a spreading agent in many moisturizers and eye shadows. With little ability to properly penetrate the skin, you’re often left with buildup when you use this ingredient.

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