5 Beauty Secrets To Keep You Looking Fabulous Beyond Your 20s

You’re young and beautiful, and you’ve got your whole life in front of you. Life is good, but it moves pretty fast and if you don’t take proper care of your looks now, you’ll wind up looking in the mirror wondering where it all went wrong. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Here are 5 beauty secrets to keep you looking fabulous beyond your 20s:

5 Beauty Secrets To Keep You Looking Fabulous Beyond Your 20s

1. Never neglect your neck

You probably slather your face with the best creams around, but if you don’t smooth it down onto your neck and décolletage, you’ll wind up looking years older while you’re still in your prime. The neck and chest area are often the first places to show signs of aging, so be sure to properly moisturize below your chin to keep up your flawless glow.

2. Always remove your makeup

Girls night out can last well into sunrise, leaving you with little energy to do anything by time you get home. So you roll into bed with your dewy foundation and eyelashes. No judgement, but girl you should know better! Muscle up every ounce of self discipline inside you and TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF! Sleeping with it on wreaks havoc on your skin and kicks off premature aging. Ick!

3. Pat, don’t rub

Whether you’re being a good girl and removing your makeup or you’ve just washed you face, always use a patting motion. Rubbing stretches your skin out and allows for wrinkles to take hold. Apply little pressure and lightly tap your skin anytime you applying product, cleaning, or drying your skin. Also remember to apply pressure in an upward motion toward your scalp, never downward!!

4. Hand cream on deck

Just like the neck and chest area, your hands will totally give away your age if you don’t pamper them properly right now. Keep a good hand cream by your sink to hydrate your hands after each time you wash them and make sure to always keep one in your handbag. Applying some of your favorite oil can also do the trick, and please please please use gloves when you’re washing dishes. Creature-of-the-dead hands is not a good look for anyone!

5. Reduce Sun Exposure

Sure we could go with the all classic “use sunscreen,” but truthfully the real results come from reducing sun exposure all together. Of course Vitamin D is a necessary source of nutrients, but that doesn’t mean chill in the sun all day to get a tan. If you hate pale skin, imagine pale wrinkly skin. You should still apply sunscreen daily, but wearing hats and actually using your car visor will give that extra protection.

Use these five tips to preserve your beauty and you’ll probably be carded long beyond your twenties.

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