How I Outlasted My Post Grad Blues


Did you just graduate from college? Do you sometimes feel lost, discouraged, confused or like you just want to scream? You may be experiencing what I like to call the post college blues. As a recent grad myself, I know all the feelings!

How I Outlasted My Post Grad Blues

Navigating life after college can be difficult, and sometimes even lonely! Maybe you moved away from home or all your best friends moved all across the world or maybe your just confused about your career. BUT, I want to tell you you’re not alone!

I definitely think after college I expected to land my dream job and have it all (like in the movies lol). I thought adulting would be a breeze because I wouldn’t have exams to study for or group projects to worry about, but working 40 hours a week isn’t a walk in the park either! Plus, balancing rent, car payments, relationships, possible student loans, etc. You may feel possibly like you’re doing something wrong, but trust me mostly everyone else is feeling the same way. You just don’t know it because everyone likes to paint the illusion life is always amazing. I struggle with this myself (on a daily basis) and have to remind myself of how blessed I am! Here are few tips I’d like to share with you to deal with your post grad blues:

1. It’s Okay To Mess Up

It’s okay to make mistakes at your new job or just in life in general. Nobody’s perfect. We are all constantly learning, growing, and evolving. Don’t be too hard on yourself, take it one day at a time, and remember every mistake is a lesson.

2. Don’t Compare Your Life To Others

When I look at my social media on my phone while I’m at the office it definitely affects my mood in a negative way. It could be impacting your mood too. To me, social media makes it seems like everyone has their dream job, is on a tropical vacation, is traveling the world in a beautiful country or just doesn’t have a single worry in the world! This is false. But, seeing it every day isn’t easy. Remind yourself it’s all a highlight reel and you’re doing the best you can. Life is a journey! Just keep working toward your goals and accept that this where you are right now in life and enjoy every day! Keep working hard babe!

3. Use Positive Affirmations

A positive mindset is key. Say affirmations to yourself such as “I am healthy,” “I am strong,” “I am kind,” “I am confident,” “I attract opportunities,” I am successful,” and so on. You need to believe it! Be confident in how amazing you are.

4. Be grateful!

Gratitude is huge. Remember your blessing especially when you are feeling low. Every morning when you wake up say 3 things you are grateful for and every night before you go to sleep say 3 things you are grateful for. At first, it will seem hard. But then, you will realize how blessed you are for being to live every day and work towards your dreams.

I hope these tips help fight your post grad blues or maybe even help when you are having a tough day! XO

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