Going Vegan? Here’s Your Grocery List


Yoncé put us on game a long time ago, and as we discover what’s really in our food going vegan seems like our best bet. If you’re new at this, your first thought is probably what can you even eat? Well, grab your reusable grocery bag cause we’re going shopping.


Going Vegan? Here's Your Grocery List


I know, duh. But you’ll want to get creative here. Spinach, Kale, and Cauliflower will be a great base. But don’t forget about the flavor! You’ll want to grab some garlic and bell pepper too.


Think breakfast here. Grab what you would add to your morning smoothie, oatmeal, or as you’re just running out the door. Apples, berries and bananas are some staple gems!


These will help add some spunk to your meal. Chickpeas are tried and true, but white beans, black beans, and lentils can be used in a wide variety of meals.

Whole Grains

You’ll need these to help fill you up. Try to stay in the wheat/brown arena (i.e. no brown rice). Grab plenty of bread, tortillas, and quinoa to use in a variety of meals.

Nuts & Seeds

So obviously skip to the next section if you’re allergic.  Almonds and peanuts will be your best friend on this journey. Think of these as snacks, so grab some roasted and flavored pumpkin seeds, cashews, or your other favorites.


Everything listed above would be pretty boring without some spice. The good thing is most spices are already vegan so you can grab all your favorite flavors. We highly recommend chilli powder and paprika, but the list is endless.


There’s a vegan underworld for literally everything, so grab the vegan version for everything you already have in your fridge. Almond milk, peanut butter, sauces, popcorn… go rouge.

Before You Shop

Going vegan is much easier than you think, and with so many snacks and restaurants catering to vegans you’ll never go hungry. Start by finding some of your favorite recipes and narrow down what you need for those meals. Instagram is a vegan jackpot, so you can start there!


Vegan Grocery List For Women In Their Twenties

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