Cheap Alternatives To Your Favorite Luxury Shampoos


If you are anything like me, you love pampering yourself and keeping your hair looking like you just walked out of the salon. However, like I said, if you are like me you are on a budget and can’t afford to spend $100.00 on shampoo and conditioner. Let’s break down all of the cheap alternatives to your favorite luxury shampoos. These products can all be found at places like Amazon and Sally’s Beauty Supply for a fraction of the price.

Cheap Alternatives To Your Favorite Luxury Shampoos

Deva Curl Meets Zotos 

Deva Curl has been talked about time and time again. It’s a holy grail for many curly or wavy haired gals. However, I cannot fathom spending almost 50.00 a bottle for their largest size. 

I don’t have curly hair, but I know many people who do. They swear by Zotos Professional “All about curls” line.  You can buy a starter kit on Amazon for $19.99 or grab a bottle for $10.00! 

Biolage (tera)

My mom always told me to buy Biolage brand products as they were the ultimate shampoo/conditioner. Growing up, it was a given that I would have Biolage products because my mom always had them on hand. As an adult, I wish I could buy them all day long, but it just isn’t cost effective right now. I found a brand that is almost exactly like Biolage, but better. Just to put it out there, but a larger bottle of Biolage runs about $28.00.

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Sally’s and Amazon offers this off brand, but it works just as well as Biolage. It’s called Biotera. They have a few different hair options such as “long healthy hair, anti-frzz, color care or moisturizing” to name a few. You can buy 33 ounce bottle for $17.99.

Paul Mitchell Is So Generic

How about all you Paul Mitchell brand fans? I know a staple item for many people is their Tea Tree shampoo to help balance out their scalp. I have bought it in the past and spent around $20.00 for a 16 ounce container. It does last a while because you don’t use it daily, but I would much rather spend my money on something else.

We suggest you try a brand called Generic Values. Their Tea Tree shampoo mimics Paul Mitchell’s brand. And….it’s $20 for a whole liter on Amazon! 

It’s a Ten Just Got Gentle

I am in love with It’s a Ten shampoo. It’s like Heaven in a bottle. My wallet does not like me when I buy it.  I look for sales on this product because I love it so much. They are far and few between. Oh, and if you find a sale, you’re still looking at spending $30 plus dollars on 1 bottle. I just can’t!!!

The only other shampoo that I was impressed with from Generic Values is the replica of It’s a 10. It’s called Gentle Moisture Shampoo. It makes my hair feel amazing. You can buy a 12 ounce bottle for $8.29 at Sally’s. Side note, I have tried some Generic Values Shampoos that I was not impressed by, but their styling products have been great though.

I have found that Sally’s Beauty has a lot of amazing off Brand products to offer. Amazon is also super convenient because they deliver so quickly, but they don’t always have the best price. You will try some that are ok. Some will be terrible and others will blow you away with how amazing they are. So try some of these cheap alternatives to your favorite luxury shampoos, and hopefully you find some new cheaper products that make your wallet smile.


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