10 Moments Kat Edison Was My Feminist Hero


The Bold Type is one of my favorite shows, especially since I’m kinda working for a magazine myself (shoutout to The Clique). But what I love most are the powerful, confident, and career oriented women they feature on the show, particularly my girl Kat Edison, played by the incomparable Australian actress, Aisha Dee.

10 Moments Kat Edison Was My Feminist Hero
Courtesy of @aishatray

Kat’s confidence radiates through the screen in a way that makes any young career girl want to step her game up. In particular these 10 moments made me love her for the fierce feminist she is.

1. When she came out the gate ready to fight a Fortune 500 company’s Board of Directors

2. And stood up to them in the actual board room multiple times (peep Sutton’s fear though LOL…)

3. And still showed she would deliver at work (while cussing in front of her boss)

4. Checked her revenge porn bullies

5. Encouraged her friends and every girl she encountered

6. Learned to embrace her identity

7. And the importance of intersectional feminism

8. With out hiding that women are human and horny

9. Then literally told us to step our game up

10. And then went full AOC on us!

So now I encourage all of you to find your inner Kat Edison. And you can catch up on The Bold Type, right now on Freeform!

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